Export Division of MSME - Development Institute, Gangtok organizes Management Development Programme on Export Marketing.

It render information on various export promotion schemes as well as provide support for reimbursement relating to the facility offered by Govt. of India under Market Development Assistance Scheme for attending various International Trade Fair/Exhibition. It attend the interested entrepreneurs with their queries related to export trade besides Market information, trade enquiries and packaging needs.


While Marketing is primarily an entrepreneurial function; all possible efforts have been made to help MSME sector in their marketing endeavor. The following services are offered under this category of assistance.

(i) MSME Enterprises applying for NSIC registration under the stores-purchase programme of the Govt. of India are inspected and assisted to enlist them under NSIC. This service is chargeable. Enlistment with NSIC offers an unprecedented opportunity not only for exposure of MSME's products but also for tender marketing, wholesale distribution, publicity & confidence.

(ii) Complaints of non-observance of purchase policy are taken up with the concerned organization; PSUs etc.

(iii) MSME Enterprises are periodically invited to Vendor Development Programmes, Exhibitions, Trade Fairs etc. for participation to broaden their marketing network. Short-term training courses on marketing management are conducted to update their marketing skill & knowledge.


MSME units utilize scarce raw materials for their products need to be periodically assessed for their production capacity and requirement of raw materials. MSME – Development Institute, Gangtok undertakes such assessment and recommends their capacity to the competent authorities for release of scarce raw material. This service is chargeable under the policy measures for promoting & strengthening MSMEs, it has been enunciated that adequate and equitable distribution of indigenous and imported raw materials would be ensured to MSME sector. Based on the needs, the units are assessed and given priority in such allocation of raw materials.


Project profiles may be termed as miniature project on various items. They serve as useful guide to the new entrepreneurs, in their decision-making process prior to selection of product and / or investment decisions. They also help the entrepreneurs to prepare detailed project report of their selected item.

With this objective, MSME-Development Institute, Gangtok is preparing a good number of new project profiles every year under the action plan activities of MSMEDO. The profiles are available at the institute’s library for reference to the entrepreneurs. This apart, there are eight volumes of printed priced project profile books on chemical, food, Mechanical, Electrical, Glass & Ceramic, Leather & footwear, Metallurgy & Electronic which are also available for reference. Project profiles are also prepared at the request of various govt. /semi-govt. agencies for implementation under such as PMEGP etc.


The Project reports prepared by small scale units and new entrepreneurs need to be suitably verified by competent technical persons, so, as to judge their technical feasibility as also commercial viability. To assist the entrepreneurs, SSI units and other Govt. / Semi Govt. agencies, project reports are evaluated and appraised at MSME – Development Institute, Gangtok The Service is chargeable.


The need for providing specialized service to MSME sector is increasing with the rapid development of these industries in the state. Apart from new products and items introduced, new raw materials have also come into existence, throwing open a vast field of operation & exploitation. Micro & Small Enterprises (MSEs) are, however, handicapped by lack of competent technical & management personnel as well as financial resource. In order to help MSMEs in such areas, MSME – Development Institute, Gangtok is offering technical and managerial consultancy services through field visits to the needy units. The officers visit the units to guide them in the following areas:

  • Requirement of plant & machinery including layout
  • Use of improved mfg. Technology / design / process.
  • Improvement in tooling
  • Product development
  • Consultancy for diversification
  • Management Capability improvement
  • Offering Management Training
  • Improvement in marketing
  • Availability of finance
  • Other registration / policies of Govt./ support services by other agencies etc.

The above services are also rendered at MSME-Development Institute premises and through correspondence to the new entrepreneurs as well. The new entrepreneurs desirous to setup MSMEs are guided to select their product, location, raw materials, machinery, technology & other problems, apart from the above listed areas.


The Four districts of Sikkim under the jurisdiction of MSME-Development Institute, Gangtok are being regularly undergoing survey in respect of their resources and potentiality for development of MSMEs. Detailed reports in respect of each district are being prepared and communicated to other development agencies for policy formulation, data support and study. Similarly State profile of Sikkim is available in the Institute which is an essential tool for economic investigation. Updated copies of these survey reports and state profile are available in the Institute’s web-site.


MSME – Development Institute, Gangtok undertakes Modernization & Technical Upgradation Programmes which aim at improving efficiency and cost effectiveness in the MSME sector. Specific studies in individual units at the request of the unit are termed unit-specific study or In-plant studies. Similar studies in large concentration of enterprises/clusters are carried out to establish commercial viability of modernization and to provide financial support to these enterprises on priority basis. Such studies are termed as cluster study. Cluster studies are undertaken on specific request from Govt,/Semi-govt. bodies/Industry Associations/Banks/other Financial Institutes.


Quality certification has become extremely important in competitive markets and especially in gaining foothold. To avail the certification of ISO 9000/14000/HACCP a unit has to undertake significant costs.

Therefore, a scheme has been launched to give financial incentive to those MSEs who acquire ISO-9000 / ISO-14001/HACCP Certification reimbursing 75% of their costs of obtaining certification, subject to a maximum of Rs. 0.75 lacs per unit. The MSME units are also encouraged to participate in quality awareness and learning programmes for their benefit.